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Zappiti Media Center V4

Zappiti Media Center V4




Zappiti Media Center is a free media player software and entertainment hub available on OS X, Windows, or Media Player (Zappiti Player 4K) featuring an impressive user interface with movie covers. With Zappiti Media Center V4, you can experience your entire movie and TV series collection, browse and play your titles from local and network storage media, watch cast and various infos, download subtitles, play trailers and much more within your PC, Mac or TV through Zappiti Player 4K. Check it out!



Zappiti PC / MAC.

Zappiti Media Center V4 is compatible with PC and MAC computers. In fact, you just have to install Zappiti Sever software on your computer MAC / Windows or your NAS (Synology or Asustor), to use Zappiti Media Center for free!

If you have a Zappiti Player 4K, you can also use Zappiti Cloud instead of Zappiti Server. Then you can scan all your movies and shows directly through your Zappiti Player 4K on your TV without any computer.

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Zappiti Media Center Mac
Zappiti Server

Zappiti Server,
a local Cloud.

In addition to the Zappiti Cloud which provides auto sync through Internet, Zappiti Media Center V4 features a local server solution trough Zappiti Media Server (PC / MAC software): the best way to quickly display your movie covers for people with bad Internet connexion.

You can also use our powerfull Zappiti NAS Rip to back-up your Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Astonishing GUI.

Zappiti has completely upgraded the media center experience with a remarkably simplified and intuitive design. The Zappiti GUI is faster It features beautiful animations and special effects. In addition, movies and TV shows synopsis feature many infos such as, duration, rating, director, actors, languages, subtitles and some technichal infos (aspect ratio, resolution, frequency, audio codec, video codec, ...). The synopsis text automatically scrolls.

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Zappiti Media Center storyline
Zappiti Collections

Zappiti Offline.

Thanks to the offline mode, you can import locally your movie collection in the internal memory of the player. You will be abble to browse your movie collection even without any Internet access. If you own a Zappiti NAS, you do not have to save your collection. The Zappiti NAS let access to the collections without any Internet connection.

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Crossing both
filters and sorting.

Zappiti Media Center V4 features mix of filters and sorting. You can quickly find your favorite TV shows and movies by using both sorting and filters. For instance, you can browse the category "Action", then filter by "seen" and sort by "most recent".

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Zappiti Filters

Zappiti Collections.

For each Zappiti account it is possible to create as many collection as you want. If you have two different houses, you can manage two media collections from a single computer or from a Zappiti Player 4K. If you are using many hard drives, you can associate a dedicated collection for each hard drive.

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Zappiti Accounts.

The Zappiti Media Center V4 home page offers access to multiple accounts. You can create a specific account for each family member, and each user can benefit of his own settings.

Zappiti Users
Zappiti Saga

Movie Sagas.

The films from sagas are automatically placed in groups and sorted by release date. A saga cover dedicated to the collection is associated with the group and movies are displayed in a stunning carousel with great 3D motion effects!


Parental Control.

With the parental control feature, you can designate movies as "children's" and block access to other movies with a PIN code. Thus, your children can safely access only their movies! In addition, the child mode provides direct access to movies without the synopsis for greater ease of use.

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Contrôle parental Zappiti

Zappiti Sub.

Thanks to Zappiti Sub, you can easily download the subtitles of a movie or TV show episode directly from Zappiti Media Center and enjoy it on your PC, MAC or your Zappiti Player 4K!


Zappiti Trailer.

Thanks to Zappiti Trailer you can watch the trailer of your movies directly from the Zappiti GUI on your PC, Mac or directly on your TV through your Zappiti Player 4K!

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TV Zappiti Media Center Movie Wall

Movie Wall

By default, the movie covers are displayed on 2 lines. But it is possible to customize the display to: 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines (Movie Wall). You are able to modify the number of covers displayed on the screen depending on the size of your TV or projector image size.

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Zappiti Db.

Zappiti Media Center V4 features a new smart and powerful movie and TV show scan engine. Day after day, the Zappiti Database will grow thanks to the Zappiti community and scans become more and more efficient and reliable. For instance, Metropolis.mkv can be associated to the 2001 Japanese animated movie version instead of the 1927 version from Fritz Lang. But if one single Zappiti user associates the right version, all the other users will benefit from it!

The same system is used for technical specifications. So if the aspect ratio is manually modified by one user, all the Zappiti users will benefit from it.





Basic principle.

Zappiti Media Center V4 is a free software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on MAC OSX, Windows, or Media Player (Zappiti Player 4K) featuring an astonishing user interface for use with televisions and front projectors. So you can play and view most videos such as TV shows, movies or concerts from local and network storage media and the Internet. Our Zappiti Forum, available in many languages, is bursting with knowledge and help for everyone from the new user right up to the application developer.

Zappiti Media Center is very easy to set and use:




Zappiti Media Center V4 General


1. Download.

Download Zappiti Media Center software for free by clicking on the following button:

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Then install it.


2. Set it up.

Tell Zappiti where your media files are. Then, Zappiti Media Center will analyse your files (movies and TV shows) and creates automatically an astonishing graphic user interface with movie cover browsing for all your movies or TV shows.

> Watch the user guide...


3. Enjoy!

If you get a Zappiti Player, you can enjoy Zappiti GUI on your media player connected to your TV set.

New! With the new Zappiti Player 4K you don't need a computer to scan your movies and TV shows. Thanks to Zappiti Media Center V4, the Zappiti Player 4K is computer free!


Zappiti Player

Some features, applications, services, availability and pricing are subject to change.

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