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Note for media player users: Zappiti Media Center V3 use Zappiti Clould who needs Internet connexion on your media player. If you want to use Zappiti Media Center without Internet connexion on your media player, please use Zappiti Media Center V2.

To use Zappiti Media Center V3 on Dune HD player, you must install Zappiti Dynamic app on your Dune HD Player. Zappiti Dynamic app is already installed on Zappiti Player (Sigma). To know more about Zappiti Dynamic, please click here...

To know more about installation process, please download Zappiti Media Center User Guide by clicking here...

Zappiti Media Center V4 is not compatible with Zappiti Player and Zappiti Player Mini (Sigma Designs based models) and Dune HD Players. First generation of Zappiti Player and Dune HD owners can only use V2 and V3. To use Zappiti Media Center V4, please get a Zappiti Player 4K model.

Zappiti Media Center PC Version (2014.11.05)


Changes since v3.3.0.0

- Fix the identification of movies with

Zappiti Media Center PC Version (2014.10.09)


Changes since v3.2.0.0

- The rating of videos is now based on values from 0 to 10 (instead of 0 to 5).
- Hidden files and folders are now ignored by the scan.
- Fix an issue with NAT/uPnP configuration that blocked some computers.
- Fix an an issue when updating from old Zappiti Media Center versions.
- Update of Traditional Chinese translations.

Zappiti Media Center PC Version (2014.06.06)


Changes since v3.1.1.0

- You can share your library with your friends who own a Zappiti Player. They can stream your videos if you have enabled the streaming option.
- Added a tooltip that indicate who is streaming your videos.
- Better detection of NAT/UPnP configuration changes.
- Added a step that check the Windows Firewall when you start the local server.
- Fixed the identification of somes movies using TMDb.
- Fixed the date of articles in the news view.

Zappiti Media Center PC Version (2014.04.30)


Changes since v3.1.0.0

- Better support of disconnected drives : movies on theses drives are not removed from PC nor Zappiti Cloud.
- Better management of empty seasons and series folders when all corresponding episodes are deleted : theses folders are now removed too.
- Better synchronization of episodes ans movies that were removed, then added again.
- Fix the label of categories that displayed "Text" instead of the name of the category.
- Fix the refresh of MPC-HC path after a change.
- Add a link to help to configure Zappiti Media Center with streaming in the diagnostic view.
- Better mouse scrolling.

Zappiti Media Center PC Version (2014.04.26)


Changes since v3.0.1.0

- Stream your videos (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G) to Zappiti Media Control.
- Better control of the synchronization progress visualizing remaining server tasks on Zappiti Cloud.
- Be informed about our developments with the new window dedicated to news.
- Addition of translation into Portuguese and Chinese.
- User manual updated.

How to stream your videos to Zappiti Media Control.

To enable this feature, open the settings window and click on "Start the server" button. After the launch, all diagnostics indicators should be green. This mean that you can stream over your local network using WIFI and also that the server is visible from outside if you want to use 3G/4G. That's it ! You can now launch Zappiti Media Control and stream your video using WIFI from your local network, or using your mobile 3G/4G connection *.

Note: This functionality require Zappiti Media Control iOS v2.4 or Zappiti Media control Android v1.7. You also need a registered Zappiti Player or Zappiti Player Mini.

Recommended configuration for Zappiti Streaming on Windows :
Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 X2 running at 2.2Ghz or more (include any i3/i5/i7, Athlon or Xeon releases last 5 years) with 2GB of RAM minimum, Windows XP SP3 or more recent (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Home Server included); Atom CPUs are not supported.

Note : your PC have to stay on during the streaming.

Compatible with : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 2, Nouvel iPad, iPad Air, iPod Touch (from 2nd generation).

*Be aware of additional cost of your operator when you use data connection.

Zappiti Media Center PC Version (2014.03.11)


For whom is this version?
This version is designed for Zappiti Player owners who also use Zappiti Dynamic.
If you do not have a Zappiti Player, or if you do not use Zappiti Dynamic please, do not download this version.

This version is a final version. This release brings major changes.

Changes since v2.8.14.0

- It is possible to monitor in real time the modification or addition of new video files in your folders.
- It is possible to periodically analyze your records at regular interval.
- The new video files detected are automatically identified.
- Zappiti Media Center will inform you if one of your configuration folder is not accessible.
- It is possible to identify again a series with the right click.
- The "unseen" icon has been deleted . When a video is not seen, there is no icon.
- The changes made ​​with Zappiti Dynamic are now synchronize to Zappiti Media Center.
- It is possible to change the seen / unseen state of a video from Zappiti Dynamic.
- The classic export is no longer present. It is mandatory to use synchronization via Zappiti Cloud and to use Zappiti Dynamic on your Zappiti Player.
- Zappiti Media Center automatically reduced in the tray bar instead of closing to autoscan your files.
- There can be only one instance of Zappiti Media Center open at once.
- You can manage your activation codes for Zappiti Player from the configuration interface.
- Various interface changes.

Changes since v3.0.0.0 Preview

- Changes in the identification view.
- Fix movie identification issue with IMDb.
- Fix the refresh of list of your activations codes after a sign out/sign in.
- Fix synchronization issue regarding categories and musical genre.
- Fix the analysis of metadata of video files when monitoring folder is active.
- Fix an issue when identifying whether a .Sub file is present in the video folder.
- Various interface improvements.


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