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Zappiti Transfer


Zappiti™ Transfer.

Zappiti Transfer is the easiest way to transfer files from a PC to your Zappiti Player 4K.

With Zappiti Transfer™, you will be abble to transfer files from your PC to any local drive connected to your Zappiti Player 4K (internal or external) directly using Windows Explorer.

Warning! To benefit from the final version of Zappiti Transfer, please install the last firmware version "20160406 OS2.4 b7". Click here for more info...



- PC (Windows).
- Ethernet

Note: Zappiti Transfer is not compatible with Mac or Linux.



How to install Zappiti Transfer on your PC:

1. Please click the following link to download Zappiti Transfer for Windows:
> Download Zappiti Transfer Windows...

2. Double-click the downloaded executable and follow the on-creen instructions to complete the installation of Zappiti Transfer.
Zappiti Transfer exe

Important notice! If you are using the last firmware version "20160406 OS2.4 b7", you don't need to install Zappiti Transfer service on your Zappiti Player 4K. In this case, please skip steps and directly go to "How to use Zappiti Transfer section".

3. Switch on your Zappiti Player 4K.

4. Click on the Google Play button located on the main page. In the search box, type "Zappiti Transfer" and search it. Zappiti Transfer should appear in the search results.

Sur la page d'accueil du lecteur, cliquez sur le bouton Google Play. Dans le moteur de recherche, tapez "Zappiti Transfer". Zappiti Transfer devrait apparaître dans les résultats de recherche.

Zappiti TransferClick the Zappiti Transfer icon. Then please click the "Install" button to install the service. This service will run in the background and allow the PC to see your Zappiti Player 4K.

5. Done! Now you can enjoy Zappiti Transfer!

Warning! Android tends to stop some services when they are too greedy. Thus, the transfer can sometimes stop during operation. If this happens, please restart your Zappiti Player 4K. For this reason, we advise you to install the last firmware version Indeed, Zappiti Transfer in integrated directly into the last firmware for better stability.


How to use Zappiti Transfer

1. Connect your Zappiti Player 4K to your local network through Ethernet. Turn on your Zappiti Player 4K and connect your local drives (external in USB or internal).

2. Turn on your PC.

3. Open Windows Explorer ("Windows" + "E").

4. In "Network", locate the icon "Zappiti Player 4K" (illustrated by Zappiti Transfer icon) and click it.

Zappiti Transfer Zappiti Player 4K

You will see your (or yours) Zappiti Player 4K (if it is turned on and connected to your local network).

Zappiti Transfer

5. Click the icon Zappiti Player 4K. You will see the connected local drives.

disques durs

6. Click on the local hard drive of your choice.

7. Drag and drop or copy and paste files into the destination window.

8. Transfer your files will start. A window will appear with with an estimate of the transfer time. Then, the window closes when the transfer is complete

Zappiti Transfer


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